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By 2050, India will be 2nd largest economy just behind China and ahead of United States of America, with approx 38$ trillion in size. Presently, India's GDP is around USD 2.3 trillion (fiscal 2016-17). It stands at the fifth spot in global ranking. To achieve this milestone India needs to be an innovative country beside just been an outsourcing and manufacturing hub. Thus, to achieve this We require more and more innovators, business leaders and entrepreneurs in Science.

In terms of technology; no doubt Biotechnology anchored by Information Technology will lead the world in 2050, and shall be providing solutions to many of the today's known and unknown problems, but one thing is clear, that the needs of 2050 are quite different from the present needs and are much more knowledge and innovation centric in compare to today.

Knowledge: Fuel for Innovations

Precise knowledge is the key requirement for any research driven innovations. We in India through our more than a decade old biotechnology / bioinformatics course curriculum, are still dealing with the theoretical concepts of cloning, cell culture etc., while the West is now focusing more on integrative approach in biology, mainly with the help of powerful High Throughput Data generation and analysis techniques.

The Present Innovative World is thinking more on holistic approach of science and thus applying principles of physics, mathematics, computer science etc., to the problems of biological science to solve the mysteries and complexity of Life. To fill this gap in almost all developed nations numerous Institutes and university departments have come up with Systems Biology / Computational Biology course work in last five years, realizing the big opportunity in data analysis. We have to realize that Systems Biology is the present and future of many of the biotechnology based innovations which in fact is nothing new, but the power of integration of laboratory generated data.

Innovations in Biotechnology Training Programs

At Harihar Biotech (the Human Resource Development Division of HhBio Group), we are trying very hard to fill this gap through our numerous student focused biotech training programs. The central idea of such programs, which are either in form of Biotechnology Summer / Winter Camp or Biotechnology Project Training, is to increase participating student's working knowledge in applied biotechnology. Through our Biotech Training Program, we are providing students with the latest thinking and working on present technology in biological science.

At our HhBio Group company Hh Biotech, we are also working on Systems Biology and applying the knowledge in identification of new cancer drug targets. We are looking forward to train few selected students under Biotechnology Job Internship Program and thus enabling them to work on most updated field of Biological Science.

Beside Innovative biotech training programs, Harihar Biotech is also working in field of Agri- Biotechnology, commercial plant tissue culture (with one of the largest facility in Uttar Pradesh), microbial strain improvement for better thermo tolerant bio fertilizers and in Plant Transgenic to become a real innovation driven plant biotechnology company.

Research Areas

At HhBio, we have diversified research interest in biological science, all with the aim to solve complex biological science problems. Presently we have two broader areas of research focus:-

PLANT RESEARCH GROUP:- Our Scientists have successfully cloned number of plant species, which are of commercial importance. Also, We have in-house virus indexing facility to produce virus free genetically superior clones of economically important plants. Continue Reading


Commercial Plant Tissue Culture

Harihar Biotech owns a state of the art two-acre campus at the city of Taj, Agra, with an annual capacity of two million plants. Presently, We are engaged in tissue culture of Grand-naine variety banana, Gerbera, Carnation and Stevia. Harihar Biotech specializes in micro propagation of flowering, medicinal, temperate green foliages and horticultural products, in over 10,000-sq.ft area, that includes.Continue Reading

Biotechnology Training Programs

Each Year large number of students applies for short term biotechnology training or biotech project with us. We offer three major training programs on limited basis at our Agra and Lucknow Biotech Park Campus. These Programs are as follows:

A. Job Internship cum Project Training

This program is specially designed for students who want to join HhBio Team or any other research driven industry after completion of their degree program. This is a dual program in which students work with company for 4-6 months and parallel they complete their project work which is a part of their course curriculum. Students in final year of Biotechnology / Life Science with aggregate percentage above 60% can only apply to this program. Also starting from Aug 2016, job internship students will also get 5000/- per month as a stipend. Continue Reading

APPLICATION DATE: The applications process will start from 1st of Oct 2017 and Last date for online application for this program is 30th Oct 2017. This Program is offered only at HhBio Agra Campus and in Cancer Systems Biology Division. Click Here for Further Enquiry

B. Biotechnology / Bioinformatics Project Training

Biotechnology / Bioinformatics Project Training programs are designed for Students who want to do their project training with us in area of Bacterial Strain Optimization, Plant Transgenic, Plant Tissue Culture and Cancer Drug Designing and micro array analysis. Students from Biotechnology / Biochemistry / Bio informatics and Microbiology are encouraged to apply is such programs. These projects are offered at HhBio facility at Biotech Park Lucknow and at HariHar Biotech Agra.

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C. Short Duration Summer/Winter Training Program

WINTER CAMP for 21days / 30 days, during Dec 2017 - Jan 2018 Click here for more details
SUMMER CAMP for 21days / 30 days / 45 days / 60 days during May-July 2018 Click here for more details

Job Internship in Biotechnology

Biotech Project cum Job Internship 2018

Each Year HhBio organizes Biotech Project cum Job Internship Program in month of Dec. to May in field of Systems Biology, Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics to enhance practical knowledge of biological science students. This year HhBio is organizing Forth Job Internship programs at its Harihar Biotech at Agra Campus. The main aim of Biotech Project cum Job Internship is to screen and recruit the best talent pool to work with HhBio Group.

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Life @ HhBio

At HhBio we work with great enthusiasm and our single aim is to contribute maximum towards biological science. We subscribes to large number of journals like Nature, Science, Cell etc to keep our knowledge most updated.

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Harihar BioTech - Agra Campus

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Job Internship 2018

Get 5000/- per month as stipend during your project work. Click here for further details.

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