Bioinformatics Project Training 2018

HariHar Biotech invites limited number of applications on first come first serve basis for Biotechnology / Bioinformatics Project Training.

Harihar Biotech is long known for its quality Biotechnology / Bioinformatics Training Programs. We have proven methodology and framework to help and guide students for their bright career path. Through our Bioinformatics Training Programs, we share our knowledge in Computational Biology and Functional Genomics with project training students. We are one of the best working groups of professionals in Bioinformatics in non-government sector in the country working on Cancer Systems Biology to identify the noble druggable targets.

For Year 2018, we have designed high quality, research oriented Bioinformatics projects for students in Neuroinformatics and Immunoinformatics all dealing with latest aspects of Drug Discovery. The purpose of all these project areas are to maximizes the learning experiences of students in computational biology.

Bioinformatics Project Training Details


In past few years, with the emergence of Human Genome Project and High Throughput Techniques, the computational biolotgy has taken front seat to greatly assist biological science research. Now a days Personalized Medicines, Genomics, Systems Biology are not new words, but what is new and challanging is to learn and contribute to such high impact research. We at HhBio feels immense proud to work on such cutting edge of Science and want to shares same level of work with science aspirants.

Application Fees & Procedure

Application Fees:- 12500/- for duration uptill 4 months.(Including 1500/- Registration fees)
15000/- for the duration between 5-6 months. (Including 1500/- Registration fees).

No. of Seats:- 5 in each (except Job Internship).

Place of Training : - HariHar Biotech, AGRA

Application Procedure:-Interested Students can apply either online at Skills Laboratory or you may download a registration form and can physically mail us on the address mentioned on the form along with application fees.
In case of offline registration you may send the application fee (1500/ , One Thousand Five Hundred only) through demand draft in name of Harihar Biotech payable at Agraor you may also deposit in cash at our office at Industrial Area, Agra. Please don't forget to collect the cash deposit receipt.


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Detailed Course Structure

Starting Topics for All Students to build Basic Understanding on Bioinformatics


Biological information and databases , retrieval systems, and database searching, Gene and protein sequence alignment methods. Homology Modelling etc Tools & Techniques Swiss PDB viewer, Bio Edit , Bio designer, KEGG, Hex etc.
BioMacromolecular Visualization I: Principles of protein chemistry and structure,  Protein structure databases, visualization, and classifications. Receptor Ligand Binding, Energy Minimization and docking concepts - Structural Modeling.


Introduction to Computer Aided Drug Designing
Drugs (Pharmacology) and Drug Development
Structural modeling of chemical molecules
Drug Design Methods I: QSAR
Drug Design Methods II: SVM
Drug Design Methods III: Ligand-Protein Docking
Drug Testing Methods I: ADME
Drug Testing Methods II: TOX
Introduction and working on Sybyl and CoMFA

Understanding Drugs and Drug Targets, Pharmcokinetics , Pharmcodynamics , Drug Databases, Drug designing, Energy Value and Drug Toxicity check , Bioavailability check etc.

IT SESSION: (5 Weeks)

Database Designing , Cloud Computing, Online Storage of Huge Biological Databases – Challenges and advances. Microsoft Word – Access , Excel (with special reference to designing of Pivot Tables). MySql database designing, html / Xhtml & php coding to design front end.
Writing a research paper, Impact Factor, Citation Index, NCBI online Submission of paper, what makes difference – a quality / ordinary publication. Importance of figures / Graphs in Data Presentation etc.


Project working topics (Any One)

Immunoinformatics: (8-10 Weeks)

Understanding Diversity of Immune System, Epitope Designing, Modelling of Antigen Binding, Algorithums designing for the possible conformations of antigen - antibody interactions etc.

Neuroinformatics: (8-10 Weeks)

Understanding Neurological Disease, Understanding Channel Potentials and drug interaction to bring changes to these potentials. Modelling and predicting Channel Proteins interaction behaviour with drugs. Immunoinformatics Databases. etc.

Check Research Work Paper Abstracts from Cancer Systems Biology Group at HhBio.

If you are interested in any Research Oriented Industrial Bioinformatics Training Program offered by us then Kindly fill the below "Bioinformatics Project Training - Inquiry Form", We will let you knew the current availability of seats under that program or not. After confirmation you may fill the Online Registration Form.

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Job Internship 2018

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Get 5000/- per month as stipend during your project work. Click here for further details.

Project Trainees 2018

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Harihar Biotech is neither a placement company nor a biotech training institute. We provide Biotech Trainings to few selected students (biotech training as a part of course work) in field of Functional Genomics and Plant Biotechnology, to develop human resource, which on successful completion can join us as an employee. Beside this we also intake employees through campus selection and through direct hiring, the announcements of these are made time to time on job portals like, Nature Jobs etc. Also we do no guarantee any job with us or outside after completion of any of our camps or bioinfo project / biotech project training .

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