Biotech Training Project Details

HariHar Biotech invites limited number of applications on first come first serve basis for Biotechnology / Bioinformatics Project Training.

This is 10th year of Biotech Training offered by us at Agra, and during this course of time it has emerged as one of the best place to learn research base training place in North India. Our lab spaces comprises of more than 10,000 sq ft working area and are fully equipped, our Agra facility which is one of the oldest and the largest Plant Tissue Culture Facility in Uttar Pradesh, with two millions plants per annum capacity. Also in 2009 we were the first to start active Plant Functional Genomics work at Biotech Park Lucknow, which later shifted to Agra and by mid of 2010 it transforms into full-fledged unit in Cancer Systems Biology, which is also designed to provide drug discovery support to our foreign clients and is the emerging star in HhBio research basket.

In past years nearly 900+ students did successful research focused project training with us. We encourage students to carry out innovative original research work and to write quality project reports. We equally emphasis to publish quality research work. The primary purpose of all our training program is to give student the desired working knowledge at minimum fees, as a result of this our training fees are one of the lowest in private sector.

Job Internship in Cancer Systems Biology


Designed especially for students who want to do their project training with us ans want to Join Our Team after completion of their training.

Job-Internship program is the vehicle to identify talent at early stage, by providing them with excellent hands on scientific skills. This year we are inviting applications to work in research area of identifying new drug targets for Cancer cure, by applying DNA Microarray and other High Throughput Data Analysis techniques and reconstructing Gene Regulatory Networks using Systems Biology Approach. The basic purpose of such programs is to screen and recruit the best talent pool to work with the HhBio Group companies. READ MORE

Course Structure

Benefits for Students
The Job Internship program is an exclusive program, and is designed to provide wide range of educational exposure to biological science students ranging from wet lab experiences, Clinical Trials to High Throughput Data Analysis for Functional Genomics. Thus, helping students in understanding the real insights of biological science research. It simultaneously builds basics of biological science and mentally prepares students to understand how biotechnology works at commercial level. For complete detailed course structure of program kindly Visit JOB INTERNSHIP 2018.

Click here to see the List of Students selected for Biotechnology Project cum Job internship Project 2018 uptill 31st October 2018. Want to apply for the remaining seats kindly call 9760241412 to check the current status.

Biotechnology Project Training Details

An Overview

At HhBio We have two Research Divisions with their all together different research activities and offerings for project trainees.

(1) Plant Biotechnology Research Divison at Agra and Lucknow which works on Plant Tissue Culture, Plant Molecular Biology and developing quality strains for Biofertilizers.
(2) Animal Biotechnology Divison at Agra only offering short duration projects in Animal Cell Culture.

For Year 2016, we have designed hand-on working projects in bioltechnology covering Animal Biotechnology and Plant Biotechnology The purpose of these projects are to personalize and maximazise the learning expeiences of students in biological science.

Course Structure

Plant Biotechnology

Plant Tissue culture, Protocol establishment for new plant species, Callus Culture , Agrobacterium Culture, Plant DNA Isolation / Bacterial DNA Isolation, Agrobacterium mediated gene transfer, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).

Duration :- 3-6 Months
Seats:- 10
Place:- Agra

Animal Cell Culture

Sterlization , Understanding Cell Lines , ATCC, rasing cell lines, Drosophilla Neuronal Cell Culture, Common steps in culture - sterlization , passage numbers, Cancer Cell Lines etc. Molecular Biology techniques like PCR, Restriction Digestion, Competent Cell prepration , DNA isolation etc.

Duration :- 2 Months
Seats :- 5
Place :- Agra Campus Only

Microbiology Project Training Details


Microbiology based research comes under Plant Biotechnology Research Divison and offers project training at HariHar Biotech Agra only.
Our current in house major research project include, Isolation and characterization of Thermotolerant Azobacter Strains for their potential use as Biofertilizers in Indian Climatic Conditions. , Microbe Culture, isolation and caracterization of bacteria , Commercial production of Biofertilizers, Identification of Thermo tolerant Bacteria, Molecular methods (rRNA) to characterize microbes. etc.

Course Structure

Commercial production of Biofertilizers, Microbe Culture, Isolation and caracterization of bacteria, Identification of Thermo tolerant Bacteria, Molecular methods (rRNA) to characterize microbes. etc.

Duration :- 3-6 Months
Seats:- 10
Place:- Agra

Bioinformatics Project Training Details


In past few years, with the emergence of Human Genome Project and High Throughput Techniques, the computational biolotgy has taken front seat to greatly assist biological science research. Now a days Personalized Medicines, Genomics, Systems Biology are not new words, but what is new and challanging is to learn and contribute to such high impact research. We at HhBio feels immense proud to work on such cutting edge of Science and want to shares same level of work with science aspirants.

Course Structures

Starting Topics for All to build Basic Understanding on Bioinformatics


BLAST , FASTA , Homology Modelling etc Tools & Techniques Swiss PDB viewer, Bio Edit , Bio designer, KEGG, Hex etc.

Computational Biology:

High Throughput Data Analysis, Microarray analysis, SNP arrays, Array Express , GEO, SMD etc.

Rational Drug Designing:

Understanding Drugs and Drug Targets, Pharmcokinetics , Pharmcodynamics , Drug Databases, Drug designing, Energy Value and Drug Toxicity check , Bioavailability check, QSAR Studies, Docking etc. 

IT Sessions:

Database Designing , Cloud Computing, Online Storage of Huge Biological Databases – Challenges and advances. Microsoft Word – Access , Excel (with special reference to designing of Pivot Tables). MySql database designing, html / Xhtml & php coding to design front end.
Writing a research paper, Impact Factor, Citation Index, NCBI online Submission of paper, what makes difference – a quality / ordinary publication. Importance of figures / Graphs in Data Presentation etc.

Project working topics (Any One)


Understanding Diversity of Immune System, Epitope Designing, Modelling of Antigen Binding, Algorithums designing for the possible conformations of antigen - antibody interactions etc.


Understanding Neurological Disease, Understanding Channel Potentials and drug interaction to bring changes to these potentials. Modelling and predicting Channel Proteins interaction behaviour with drugs. Immunoinformatics Databases. etc.

Cancer Drug Development:

Understanding Cancer, Established Cancer Targets, Modelling Cancer Pathways, Cancer patient genome analysis, identification of SNPs, Omic View of Cancer, etc.

Check Research Work Paper Abstracts from Cancer Systems Biology Group at HhBio.

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Video Testimonial - Opinion of Students on Biotech Job Internship

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Biotech Project 2018

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Student's Most Asked Questions

Contact Telephone Number and E-mail ID
You can Communcate us on our Helpline Number 09760241412.

You can call us on 0562 2281099, during office Hrs.
Also mail your queries to
Q1. How is learning experience at Harihar Biotech different?
We innovate's a lot to bring the best experience learning for our students like from 2010 onwards we have introduced video lectures which means now student prior practically performing can understand better how to handle instruments in better way.
We also make our Agra campus wi-fi and put all necessary resource like internet, study videos, study material etc. on secured wireless LAN, so students can extend their learning experience beyond laboratory hours.
Q2. I want to do PhD / Research after completion of myProject Training.
This is really encouraging that you are interested in biological science research and want to opt for it in future. Being a research driven company, at HhBio we provide perfect learning environment for students to learn on emerging and most challinging topics in biological science. We at our project training give maximum emphasis on practial insights and on building basics, this helps you, in future to clear your CSIR-NET / DBT-JRF etc., exams and interviews.

Also from 2012 we are offering PhD research Program in Cancer Systems Biology and Plant Transgenic Research, in collaboration with Government / Private University.
Q4. Is Harihar Biotech recognized by Government?
HariHar Biotech is a government recognized and registered biotech company. Our Plant Biotechnology Divison is supported by Department of Agriculture, Government of India. Also, we have research collaborations with Jiwaji University to carry out collaborative research projects.
Q3.Can I publish my research paper during my project work?
Yes, We emphasis maximum on quality publication and encourage students in quality research output with first author name publication.

If you are interested in research publication then please let your guide at HhBio know about it at your time of project joining, so you may be placed in ongoing projects.
Q5. Is training relevant to the industry needs and fullfill requirements of biotech industry?
At Harihar Biotech our main motto at training programs is to make you realize the importance of good career profile in your life and then to prepare you for the same by providing good knowledge on the topics which can help you in achieving quality profile after completion of degree.

So while designing any course work either for students or for our new employees, on top priority we consider that what we, as a growing biotech company needs from our newly joined employees or from the candidates which appears in our job selection interviews. Keeping such fact and all practical needs in mind we design course, which proves win-win for both We, as an industry and You, as a student after completing it.
Q6. What are the Key Resources avaliable?
At HariHar Biotech Agra Campus, We have quality infrastructure facility like our library subscribes to large number of high impact factor journals, (both in print and online) like Nature, nature Biotechnology, Nature Neuroscience, Nature Reviews, Science, Cell, Cancer Cell etc. and has large number of books collections.

We have all most all the quality instruments (like PCR, high speed centrifuges , CO2 incubators etc) and temperature control rooms to carry out plant and molecular research.
Q7. What is the Application Process?
If you have decided program in which you are interested in, then please apply either through, filling the online application form and you may download a registration form and can physically mail us at Agra Campus, along with registration fees.

For more information visit Application Process
For Assistance call us at 9760241412.
Q8. Can I get any fee discount?
No, our all fees are non-negotiable and are the lowest and best in terms of leraning experience. At HhBio we only charge for chemicals and consumables cost with administrative cost.

For more Frequently Asked Questions. Kindly Visit FAQs

Harihar Biotech is neither a placement company nor a biotech training institute. We provide Biotech Trainings to few selected students (biotech training as a part of course work) in field of Functional Genomics and Plant Biotechnology, to develop human resource, which on successful completion can join us as an employee. Beside this we also intake employees through campus selection and through direct hiring, the announcements of these are made time to time on job portals like, Nature Jobs etc. Also we do no guarantee any job with us or outside after completion of any of our camps or bioinfo project / biotech project training .

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