Discover Biotech

A Unique and Innovative BioDiscovery Program especially design for Biotechnology Students.

Biotechnology is Power....The Power of Visualizing Science

Discover Biotech is a unique industrial training program in biotechnology to expand the horizons of knowledge and technical skills development of students in field of biotechnology, plant tissue culture and bioinformatics. It provides broadening of scientific understanding by allowing individual to perform experiments inside an industrial environment, so that they can confidently move forward in building their scientific career.

Through Discover Biotech we enable students to visualize biotechnology and understand the importance of lab. Work apart from their routine theoretical knowledge. Virtualization allows students to think beyond books and enable them to think how practically things are carried inside lab.

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Biotechnology Training Program

Each year We intake few students under Industrial Project Training Program, usually these are selected through campus selection and are put for their final year 4-5 months project on some live projects inside any of our campus, later after completion of their project they become part of HhBio Team and start exploring Discovery Paths in Biological Science.

Industrial Biotechnology Project Applications

For year 2018 Application process for Industrial Project Work and Job Internship is presently open.

<< Few Students of year 2011 (Industrial Project Trainees). See Details

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Harihar Biotech is neither a placement company nor a biotech training institute. We provide Biotech Trainings to few selected students (biotech training as a part of course work) in field of Functional Genomics and Plant Biotechnology, to develop human resource, which on successful completion can join us as an employee. Beside this we also intake employees through campus selection and through direct hiring, the announcements of these are made time to time on job portals like, Nature Jobs etc. Also we do no guarantee any job with us or outside after completion of any of our camps or bioinfo project / biotech project training .

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