Job Internship 2018

Purpose of Job Internship
The Primary Purpose of this program is to provide students with an opportunity to get quality learning experience in Biotechnology and to become a part of HhBio Cancer Drug Discovery Team after succesfull completion of Job Internship program. Human Resource Dept at HhBio is also providing 5000/- p.m stipiend to the participating students, to encourage talent and to help them to acquire new skills. The students will get this stipend based on their monthly evaluation and attendence during 'Biotechnology Finishing School" as detailed below. All students participating in the program are equally eligable to complete their required final year project work, during "Projet Training Session". READ MORE.

Benefits for Students
The Job Internship program is an exclusive program, and is designed to provide wide range of educational exposure to biological science students ranging from wet lab experiences, Clinical Trials to High Throughput Data Analysis for Functional Genomics. Thus, helping students in understanding the real insights of biological science research. It simultaneously builds basics of biological science and mentally prepares students to understand how biotechnology works at commercial level. To prepare students as per job requirements and parallely helping tnem in preparing their project work, from 2013 We are introducing two major phase for final year students.

(A). BIOTECHNOLOGY FINISHING SCHOOL: This program will help students in learning that how exactly science works inside a biotechnology industry. They shall be learning about clinical trials (needs, designing, scope and challanges), Technology evaluation, worldwide R&D outlook, Market Research and forecasting, patent drafting. Designing protein animations using Cinema4D, Maya, Adobe aftereffects and developing online software using php programing language and wordpress as CRMS. They will also be learning numerous aspects of scientific writing and editing drafts.

This module is on daily basis and will be a regular half day activity from morning 10 am to 1:30 afternoon, The students will be working with Team OmicsX , a science outsourcing unit of HhBio and will be involved in any live international projects. The student will get stipend and final slection to HhBio employee selection process based on their performance in "Biotechnology Finishing School". Students will get detailed roadmap once they get registered for the program.

(B). PROJECT TRAINING SESSIONS : This section is designed for students to complete their final year resarch project work in the area of plant transgenic, which covers practical learning on plant tissue culture, insertion of desired genes into plant system, molecular cloning etc. or in cancr systems biology which includes microarray data analysis, designing gene regulatory netorks to identify new drugs targets for the development of personalized medicines. Also it is expected from students to publish their research findings in any international journal or to present their work at any international confrence, during the course of their project work.The regular timings for this section is 2:00 to 6:00 p.m every working day.

Students, thus in turns with both sections get aware about biotech industry working and also completes their quality project training.

For mor details kindly Visit STUDENTS BENIFITS.

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Details for Job Internship Program 2018

These Program Details are exclusive for Job Internship Program in Biotech to be organized at AGRA Campus. Students are adviced to kindly go through the details of Program.

The Complete Program is divided into Three Modules covering 120 working days. (Working Days stand for the days excluding holidays. At HhBio we have 5 days a week so usually we have 24 working days in month ( Second and fourth Saturdays we have evaluation classes).

Again each Day is divided into three phases:
(1). Learning Phase :- The purpose of this session is to teach students about the latest technological advances in biological science and the how they can incorporate them in developing more innovative technology. Also since many of our selected students in future have to work on overseas projects so these sessions provides an opportunity to fill technology and working gaps. All the topics in these sessions are linked with Role of Information Technology Infrastructure in developing Clinical Science and Cancer Systems Biology.  These sessions are in form of activity driven working classes.
(2) Interactive Sessions :- At HhBio, we have a quality digital library comprises of video classes on nearly every  aspects in biological science. These video lectures are usually the collection lecture series of eminent Professors / Scientists from world’s best universities like Stanford , MIT , UCSD etc. The primary purposes of these classes are to make student available with the visual resources on the latest technology. 
Disclaimer : We do not use any open source video collected under United States higher education for all program for any  commercial purpose. We use our digital library’s purchased or open source (Distributed by National Institute of Health, NIH , USA) videos for educational purpose only.
(3) Hands on Laboratory Working :- These are the students working hour during these hrs they either work in dry lab or in wet lab, as per their schedules.

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MODULE 1( 40 Working Days)


Biology Session: Cancer – Basics , Cancer as epigenetic disorder, Cancer Molecular Biology, Cancer Cell Signaling Pathways :-PI3K , MAP Kinase, CDK, Notch , Wnt etc. Cancer Genes. Concepts of Cancer Stem Cell,
IT Session:- Cloud Computing, Online Storage of Huge Biological Databases – Challenges and advances. Microsoft Word – Access , Excel (with special reference to designing of Pivot Tables). MySql database designing, html / Xhtml & php coding to design front end.

Interactive Session

Functional Genomics, Introduction to Systems Biology , Biochemistry (with special reference to Bio-molecules and Enzyme Kinetics).

Laboratory Working

Students have to design their own databases using MySql database for few selected cancer genes using systems biology omic parameters and to host them on internet using wordpress 3.2.
Hands on Experiments on Molecular Biology like PCR, Gel Electrophoresis and similar other molecular biology practical. The primary purpose of these practical is to learn technical knowledge instrument handling

Primary Purpose of Module One

To provide deep understanding on Cancer progression,  as working on drug development requires deep knowledge on cancer and its influence on genome.
To provide fundamental working knowledge in IT as IT provides infrastructure backbone support to biological science.
To help students designing their own database, thus enabling them to dream big for future.

MODULE 2 ( 50 Working Days)


Drug Discovery: Concepts, Pre clinical studies, Clinical Trials Designing, Phase I , Phase II Phase III clinical design in Cancer drug discovery. Microarray – Principals, Image Processing, Data Clustering and  Data Analysis. cGH Arrays , SNP Arays, Network Biology, Nodes, Edges, Hubs, Systems Biology, Omic View of Cancer, Gene Regulatory Networks , Transcription Regulatory Networks using CHIP-chIP datasets.
Graph Theory , Euler’s Theorem, Hidden Markov Model, K clustering etc.

Interactive Session

Toxicology, Personalized Genomics, Systems Medicine.

Laboratory Working

DRY LAB :- 40 Working Days :
Microarray Analysis using cancer patient genomic data, Construction of Gene Regulatory Networks, Identification of possible drugable targets, validating the nobility of Target, Design Drug against that target using Computer Aided Drug Designing (New Chemical Entity designing, Docking, etc)
WET LAB: - 10 Working Days: -
 Hands on Experiments on plant and animal Cell Culture

Primary Purpose of Module Two

To understand how Systems Biology approach is applied in Drug Discovery. This module is extremely important as it provides fundamental understanding on, how research works at discovery phase inside innovation driven Biotech / Pharma Companies. Also this phase generates huge data which helps student to publish its research findings in quality international research journals.

MODULE 3 ( 30 Working Days)


(First 10 Days only)

Writing a research paper, Impact Factor, Citation Index, NCBI online Submission of paper, what makes difference – a quality / ordinary publication. Importance of figures / Graphs in Data Presentation etc.

Laboratory Working

Remaining Research Work Compiling, Verification of Data, Final year project Report writing (students can replicate their publication work in their project work)

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Application Process
If you have decided to appear in Job Internship Program 2018, then please register online at Skills Laboratory or download a registration form and physically mail us along with registration fee demand draft of 2000/- payable in name of Harihar Biotech payable at Agra on the address mentioned on the form. In case of any difficulty you may call us on our helpline number +91 9760241412 between 10 a.m to 6 p.m

If in case you want to pay through online payment or through credit card please mail us at, We will provide the URL for the same.


Job Internship-Details

Job Internship 2018

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