Objectives of Biotechnology Internship Program

Harihar Biotech has a proven methodology and framework to help & guide students with its Biotechnology Training Program, to develop their long term careers in Biological Science.









Objectives of Biotech Project & Job Internship Program

For HhBio :- Job-Internship ( Project Training ) in Bioinformatics / Biotechnology are the vehicle to identify talent at early stage, by providing them with excellent hands on scientific skills. The basic purpose of such programs is to screen and recruit the best talent pool to work with HhBio Group.

For Students :- After the internship with Harihar Biotech, you bring more than 600 hours of experience with yourself, not only in the scientific and technical issues, but also in issues related to the culture in the workplace, making this experience a very valuable asset.
In general it has been observed biotechnology / bioinformatics students that collaborate with industry during their internship, have generally more job offers after graduation compare to other students not involved in such programs.
Also, during the internship you will have an opportunity to interact with different professionals from different institutions and companies. This networking before graduation becomes very useful, for an over-all personal and professional development. Furthermore, interacting with all these different professionals, you may decide the industry or field of research you want to pursue a career.

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Purpose of Biotechnology / Bioinformatics Training and Development

Biotechnology internship program’s key strength is the fact that it is developed by considering all the necessary requirements of research and industry to shape your career in biological science. Biotechnology training programs provides you with reliable detailed practical knowledge from the perspective of biological science, across multiple discipline to support your successful career in future.
We also provide an opportunity to few successful candidates under biotechnology job-internship program, to work with us after successful completion of training, thus adding routine industrial training a channel for a fresher to work with us.

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Biotechnology Project Internship Training Process ( Detailed description)

The Job Internship training program will start from starting of Jan 2017 and will last up till end of May / June 2017, and this complete duration is very systematically divided into "Learning Hours", which virtually covers all the fundamental aspects which we require that student must know prior joining any research base company like us.
Beside Job Internship program other programs like projects in Plant Biotechnology / Animal Cell Culture/ Bioinformatics will start from mid of Jan 2017 (details will be send to the registered students) and shall last to their respective duration for which students has registered.

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Identify Biotechnology Training Needs

Dear Student, you are advised to first go through our website very carefully and identify your training needs and then only apply for the respective program, like students from Bioinformatics background are encouraged to apply for Bioinformatics training program in Drug Discovery or in Job Internship under Systems Biology, while students more interested towards plant research and want to build their career in plant biotechnology can apply for projects in Plant Biotechnology. Also you are advised to follow the time guidelines required for the completion of project work.

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Evaluation of Trainees (for Job Internship Students only)

In Job internship program you shall be evaluated on weekly basis. We have five days working week and evaluation shall be done on every weekend i.e. on Fridays in form of Quiz, Oral group discussions, assignments, written test, online assignments or so. You are advised to score good during your evaluation test, as it is very important parameter to justify your position after completion of Internship program. Also you are required to achieve minimum cut-off marks (which is different for each exercise) in their evaluations. Above all don't panic for evaluations as they are done in very friendly manner. The working environment of our company is highly supportive for fresher and we also encourage you to participate in all innovative activities to achieve good evaluations. Also all the evaluations are displayed to participating students to avoid any misunderstanding.

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Annual Packages after Internship Program

The starting annual package for August 2017 joining students was between 2.4 lac to 3.4 lac per annum depending on their performance during their internship work and shall be revised annually based on their performance as an employee. The students joining us are require to work with either Hh Biotech or with Harihar Biotech.
Also internship provides no guarantee for the job with any of the HhBio Group companies, we are very much interested in producing quality manpower for our organization, fail to achieve our parameters may result in only quality internship with no job offer. In past last year 2016 the job offer to the students appearing in this program was 60%.


Key Objectives of Program

Job Internship 2018

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Latest News

1 Oct 2017
Fresh Applications for Job-Internship Program are in Systems Biology are invited.
Limited number of applications, on first cum first serve basis are invited for Job-Internship Program in Computational Systems Biology.

3 Oct 2017
Fresh Applications for Final year Biotechnology Project in Plant Biotechnology are invited.
Limited number of applications are invited for Dissertation in Plant Biotechnology (Plant Transgenic and Plant Tissue Culture) at HhBio's Agra Campus are invited.

12 June
Internship Trainees presented their research posters at Bangalore Bio
Group of Job Internship Trainees presented their research posters at Bangalore Bio.

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Harihar Biotech is neither a placement company nor a biotech training institute. We provide Biotech Trainings to few selected students (biotech training as a part of course work) in field of Functional Genomics and Plant Biotechnology, to develop human resource, which on successful completion can join us as an employee. Beside this we also intake employees through campus selection and through direct hiring, the announcements of these are made time to time on job portals like Naukri.com, Nature Jobs etc. Also we do no guarantee any job with us or outside after completion of any of our camps or bioinfo project / biotech project training .

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