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Plant Tissue Culture

Our Scientists have successfully cloned number of plant species, which are of commercial importance. Also, We have in-house virus indexing facility to produce virus free genetically superior clones of economically important plants.

Plant Transgenic Research

Plant Transgenic is one of the core areas of focus at our Research and Development division. We are looking Plant Cells as future biofactories. capable of producing animal proteins of human importance. We are at initial level adopting Systems Biology approach in Tobacco Plant System to optimize maximum yield using viral expression vectors. Also with systems approach we are working for the protein glycosylations problem of animal proteins inside plant cell system.

Thermo-tolerant Biofertilizers

Thermo stable microorganisms can be very good source of bio-machines for producing biofertilizers especially in countries like India where temperature in summer crosses 48 degree centigrade. At HhBio we have identified one biofertilizer strain, which is thermophilic, and we are working on its molecular profiling and comparing its nobleness.

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Key Research Achievements

> Indigenously developed and standardize the Tissue culture production technology for plants like Banana, Potato and Jatropha.  

> First in India to apply Systems Biology / Computational Biology approach in designing Non-therapeutic Biomarkers. The main objective of this research is to express these proteins inside plant cells, thus making plants as future biofactories.

> Isolated a thermophillic strain of Azotobacter which survives very high temperature. We are conducting rRNA molecular profiling to establish its lineages..

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