Tenth Summer Biotech Training Camp 2018

Harihar Biotech has a proven methodology and framework to help & guide students with its Biotechnology Training Program, to develop their long term careers in Biological Science.

10th Summer Biotechnology Training Camp 2018

Each Year HhBio organizes Summer Camp in month of June and July in field of Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics and Plant Tissue Culture to enhance practical knowledge of biological science students. This year HhBio is organizing Tenth Summer Biotech Training programs at its Harihar Biotech, Agra Campus.

The theme of 10th Summer Camp – 2018 is “Bio Entrepreneurship – from Feasible Ideas to Innovations“. The key issues that will be addressed and discussed during camp’s Discussion hrs will include challenges in opening technology driven new ventures; Feasible Ideas vs Research Ideas; Managing Financial matters; Government Support ; Angle & Venture Investors; real skills required in dealing with innovations; networking & team development; several growth story driven examples in biotechnology.

Starting from 2015, each year we introduces new Camp Theme. Camp Themes are especially designed for Advance Camp students to explore more and develop a holistic approach towards science & career.  These themes are designed to conduct various student’s task, video sessions and activities to develop a better understanding on the theme topic. These activities run in parallel to routine core teaching and training activities.

The main theme of 8th Camp was Understating Universe Evolutionary Patterns and Linking it with Biological Complex Evolution. During the complete camp students were free to discuss and explore how Universe is evolving… what enables Earth to give rise to such a complex structures Like Human Brain… How Neurons interconnect to gave thought process and so on…

At our yearly summer camp we try our best to teach students with real science, unlike colleges; students here are free to think and ask… we explore world with TED videos…. Molecular Cloning Techniques…. Drosophilla genetics experiments to various other similar small small scientific experiments… as the main purpose of camp is to make science understandable…

Similarly in our 7th Camp theme was “Cancer Drug Discovery“, under which we discuss and work on acquiring knowledge on emerging high throughput technologies like DNA microarray / ChIP-Chip in post genomics era, elaborated concepts like SNPs Analysis, Systems Biology, Biological Robustness, Protein-protein / Protein -Drug Interaction Networks , Gene Regulatory Network designing etc.

How we Implement all this:-

1. Strong focus on Skill Generation : Our First and foremost importance is to develop necessary scientific hands on working skills, which can enable students to practice and learn real science going forward.
2. Strong Will Power to do Something New:– At HhBio since 2008, we are working hard to do something more innovative and challenging. With every passing year we are learning how to make higher science education more effective at teaching level, which can be efficient to generate more and more Innovators.
3. Strong Basic Biological Science Laboratory Experiments:- Individual Understanding of Science at Laboratory level is must for the growth of students. During the camp we provide, daily students with individual task to work on instrument and think rationally while working, like handling of Thermocycler too is open for individual, so he/she can understand batter how thing works…
4. Strong Interaction:- Students throughout India visit us, so the camp itself creates an environment of strong intercultural exchange. We put discussion on scientific theories, logics behind scientific discoveries and so on and gradually students pick it up.
5. No Boundaries of Time – Our camps runs for complete day… and everybody is free to join and leave at any time… which helps in developing open discussion and working platform.
6. Limited Seats :- Since past two years we had limited number of Intakes so we can better focus on individuals. We strictly take max 20 students in one batch… means two batch in two month will bring 40 students in all.

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Objectives of Summer Training Camp 2018

- To provide pratical Hands-on learning skills, in short duration of time.
- To help students in understanding how biotechnology / bioinformatics is shaping inside an industry.
- To develop innovation driven skills, which helps students to rethink science from practical aspects.
- To help students in utilizing their short duration vacations maximum by acquiring new skills in Biological Science.

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Major areas of learning during Biotechnology Summer Training Camp.

The Major Araes of Hands on Learnings are in Plant Transgenic and in Cancer Systems Biology.

Activities at HariHar Biotech Agra Campus

BASIC CAMP (preferably for B.Sc and B.Tech I / II year students).
Duration :- 21 days (3 weeks)
Purpose :- Basics of Lab. Techniques

1st Week MOLECULAR BIOLOGY :- Primer Designing, Handeling of PCR (individual), DNA Isolation                                                                  (Plant / Bacterial), Gel Electrophosis.
2nd Week BIOINFORMATICS:- Basic concepts of Bioinformatics, NCBI, BLAST, FASTA, Swiss PDB,                                                       Introduction to Homology Modeling,
3rd Week PLANT TISSUE CULTURE:-Concepts of PTC, Sterilization of Explants, Media Preparation,                                                                   Inoculation (inside Laminar) etc.

Duration :- 30 Days
Purpose :- Understanding of Plant Transgenics

Basic Transgenic Techniques - Concepts of Plant Cell Culture, Callus Culture, Micropropagation, PCR , DNA isolation, Agrobacterium culture, Agrobacterium mediated transformation, Plant Genomics.

ADVANCE BIO-IT / BIOINFORMATICS CAMP (preferably for M.Tech/M.sc. / B.Tech III & IV)
Duration :- 30 / 45 days
Purpose :- Insights of Functional Genomics

SYSTEMS BIOLOGY :- Introduction to Basic Bioinformatics, Omic Science, Designing of pathways using Cell Designer, KEGG Pathways, Cancer Drug Discovery - An Systems Biology approach.
FUNCTIONAL GENOMICS:-Concepts of BioIT, Genomics, High Throughput Technologies, DNA Microarray Analysis, SNPs Array, ChIp-Chip Data Analysis, Designing of Gene Regulatory Networks (GRN), Transcription Regulatory Network (TRN) using Cytoscape.
SOFTWARE:- PERL, R-Stastatical Tool.

ADVANCE CELL CULTURE CAMP (preferably for M.Tech/M.sc. / B.Tech III & IV year students)
Duration :- 30 / 45 days
Purpose :- Advance Cell culture

Cell Culture Basic Concepts ; Plant Cell Culture , Meristematic Culture, Callus Culture.
Microbial Cell Culture , Rhizobium Culture, Azotobactor culture.
Animal Cell Culture, Cell Line Maintenance, Serum/Serum-free media, Growth Regulators.

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Who can Apply

Biotechnology / Bioinformatics or Life science Students who are pursuing their post-graduation / undergraduate courses can apply for biotech training program. Pass out Students or students who are not enrolled in any life science courses, are not eligible for the program.

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Application Process.

For Registration Students are advice to fill Online Application Form and can send the 1000/- demand draft in name of HariHar Biotech Payable at Agra with in 5 working days from filling the online application form. Also they may download the application form and can send it to our underlying address anong with Demand Draft.

The remaning fees (5000/- in case of Basic Camp and 6500/- in case of Advance Camp can be paid at the time of joining). The inital Registration fee of 1000/- is required for the confirmation of seat.

HariHar Biotech
2760, Link Road, Nunhai Industrial Area,
Near Rambagh Circle,
Ph.: +91 9760241412

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Number of Seats and Application Fees.

Maximum 20 seats are available for all Biotech Training Camps program in each campus. Student selection criteria will be on first come first basis.
Total Fees for Basic Summer Camp fee (3 weeks):Rs. 6000/- (including registration fees).
Total Fees for Advance Summer Camp fee (one month):Rs. 7500/- (including registration fees)
Total Fees for Advance Summer Camp fee (45 days):Rs. 9500/- (including registration fees)
NOTE-Students in case need any assistance may call at 9760241412 or send an e-mail to info@biotechtraining.in.

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Other Useful Informations

The Summer Camp is offered at HariHar Biotech, Agra
First Camp of 10 students will start from third week of May 2018 and shall last uptill third week of June 2018.
Second Camp of 10 students will start from first week of June 2018 and shall last uptill first week of July 2018.
Last Camp of 10 students will start from 20-24th June 2018 and shall last uptill end of July 2018.

Summer Camp - Details

Summer Camp 2018

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Inquiry - Summer Camp 2018

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Project Trainees

Student's Most Asked Questions

Contact Telephone Number and E-mail ID
You can Communcate us on our Helpline Number 09760241412.

You can call us on 0562 2281122, 2281099, during office Hrs.
Also mail your queries to office@hhbiotech.com
Q1. How is learning experience at Harihar Biotech different?
We innovate's a lot to bring the best experience learning for our students like from 2010 onwards we have introduced video lectures which means now student prior practically performing can understand better how to handle instruments in better way.
We also make our Agra campus wi-fi and put all necessary resource like internet, study videos, study material etc. on secured wireless LAN, so students can extend their learning experience beyond laboratory hours.
Q2. I want to do PhD / Research after completion of myProject Training.
This is really encouraging that you are interested in biological science research and want to opt for it in future. Being a research driven company, at HhBio we provide perfect learning environment for students to learn on emerging and most challinging topics in biological science. We at our project training give maximum emphasis on practial insights and on building basics, this helps you, in future to clear your CSIR-NET / DBT-JRF etc., exams and interviews.

Also from 2012 we are offering PhD research Program in Cancer Systems Biology and Plant Transgenic Research, in collaboration with Government / Private University.
Q3. Is Harihar Biotech recognized by Government?
HariHar Biotech is a government recognized and registered biotech company. Our Plant Biotechnology Divison is supported by Department of Agriculture, Government of India. Also, we have research collaborations with Jiwaji University to carry out collaborative research projects.
Q4.Can I publish my research paper during my training work?
Yes, We emphasis maximum on quality publication and encourage students in quality research output with first author name publication.
Q5. Is training relevant to the industry needs and fullfill requirements of biotech industry?
At Harihar Biotech our main motto at training programs is to make you realize the importance of good career profile in your life and then to prepare you for the same by providing good knowledge on the topics which can help you in achieving quality profile after completion of degree.

So while designing any course work either for students or for our new employees, on top priority we consider that what we, as a growing biotech company needs from our newly joined employees or from the candidates which appears in our job selection interviews. Keeping such fact and all practical needs in mind we design course, which proves win-win for both We, as an industry and You, as a student after completing it.
Q6. What are the Key Resources avaliable?
At HariHar Biotech Agra Campus, We have quality infrastructure facility like our library subscribes to large number of high impact factor journals, (both in print and online) like Nature, nature Biotechnology, Nature Neuroscience, Nature Reviews, Science, Cell, Cancer Cell etc. and has large number of books collections.

We have all most all the quality instruments (like PCR, high speed centrifuges , CO2 incubators etc) and temperature control rooms to carry out plant and molecular research.
Q7. What is the Application Process?
If you have decided program in which you are interested in, then please apply either through, filling the online application form and you may download a registration form and can physically mail us at Agra Campus, along with registration fees.

For more information visit Application Process
For Assistance call us at 9760241412.
Q8. Can I get any fee discount?
No, our all fees are non-negotiable and are the lowest and best in terms of leraning experience. At HhBio we only charge for chemicals and consumables cost with administrative cost.

For more Frequently Asked Questions. Kindly Visit FAQs

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Harihar Biotech is neither a placement company nor a biotech training institute. We provide Biotech Trainings to few selected students (biotech training as a part of course work) in field of Functional Genomics and Plant Biotechnology, to develop human resource, which on successful completion can join us as an employee. Beside this we also intake employees through campus selection and through direct hiring, the announcements of these are made time to time on job portals like Naukri.com, Nature Jobs etc. Also we do no guarantee any job with us or outside after completion of any of our camps or bioinfo project / biotech project training .

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