Systems Biology - An Introduction

Applying Systems Biology Approach to find better answers to thousands of challanging disease including CANCER.

What is Systems Biology ?

Systems Biology is an emergent field to understand the systems-level in biological systems. This means the study of the interactions between the component of biological systems and how these interactions gives rise to the function and behaviour of that systems.
           For examples: the enzymes and metabolites in a metabolic pathway.

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Components of Systems Biology

Components of Systems Biology plays indispensable role in biology.
   1. Understanding of structure of the system, such as gene regulatory and biochemical networks, as well as
       physical structures.
   2. Understanding of dynamics of the system, both quantitative and qualitative analysis as well as
       construction of theory/model with powerful prediction capability.
   3. Understanding of control methods of the system.
   4. Understanding of design methods of the system.

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Systems Biology based Research at Hh Biotech

At Hh BioTechnologies we work in identification of new Cancer Drug Targets, by applying Computational Systems Biology approach. We are also working in area of Neuroinformatics. At OmicsX we constructs Bionetworks on demand and helps our clients in their Drug Discovery Processes.

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Why Internship Program in Systems Biology?

Internship program in Systems Biology is key strength is the fact that it is developed by considering all the necessary requirements of research and industry to shape students career in Systems Biology. Internship programs provides students with reliable detailed practical and theoretical knowledge from the perspective of biological science students, across multiple discipline to support their successful career in futuretop ^

Student's Benefits for learning in Systems Biology.

In coming years basic research in Bio Science, application of biological finding in medicines and plant breeding will considerably from systems biology approaches. Those students which is intrested in makeing careers feild of research, plant breeding or finding medicines to know about you Systems Biology.

Many companies and research institute hire that student that is bit knowledge of Systems Biology which is work in our company in the field of research.

We also provide an opportunity to few successful candidates under Internship program, to work with us after successful completion of training, thus adding routine industrial training a channel for a fresher to work with us.


Systems Biology - Complete Details

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